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About Us

If you're visiting this site, we probably share a love for the history of those things that brought us to where we are today, whether it be primitives, arts & crafts, art deco, or glassware.  After years of buying and collecting antiques and collectibles, we have decided to venture into our second career as store owners.   It allows us the fortune of "feeding our habit" of buying by "picking" for others at the same time we're selecting for ourselves.  David has been working with wood for as long as we can remember, even building some very beautiful mission-style furniture of his own, all the time making his old tool "finds" become treasures.  I've always loved to decorate in a country sort of way, but about five years ago, I discovered "picking" and now I just can't seem to stop, hence the opening of "Tique-Tock" in my retirement years.  David and I have grown up surrounded by antiques & collectibles, because we've had parents who've always respected their past by preserving its treasures.  We'll continue to thrive on the desire to make old things new again, hopefully helping someone else find just what they're looking for & all the while learning lessons about our past.

     Little did we know almost 30 years ago when we got married that we'd own a building in historic downtown Plain City,  just a few miles from our home, that's over 100 years old.  But when the Clock Tower came up for sale, buying it just seemed right.  An antique dealer redid all of the oak from floor to tin ceiling, some 20 feet tall ceilings with cubbies and drawers and a sliding ladder from when it was first built.  Not only will the items we have for sale keep you busy, so will the building's history. No matter how unique your style may be, we hope you'll be able to find something online or on-site in our store in historic Plain City, a unique environment that will make you want to come back.  If we haven't already found something for you, we'll be more than happy to be your "personal picker"  to find that perfect piece just for you, no matter how small or how large.  So stop by online or in Plain City and see what you can find.



We want to reach out to you and want you to feel free to reach out to us in whatever way meets your needs.  Please feel free to call, e-mail, visit our webpage, facebook, blog, or better yet, come visit us in person in Plain City at the Clock Tower store, "Tique-Tock."  There's lots to see and do in the surrounding area and Columbus is just a stone's throw away.


101 South Chillicothe Street in Plain City, Ohio 43064                
(at the corner of State Route 161 and Chillicothe Street in historic Plain City)


 (Please call ahead if you're traveling, just in case.)

E-MAIL:  tique.tock.store@gmail.com

PHONE NUMBER:  614-506-6541